The wetter the better!

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Adding a water feature is a wonderful way to add even more enjoyment to an outdoor living space. The sight and sound of moving water adds a calming effect to the space, while providing a consistent water source for birds and other small animals. There are many ways to introduce water into the landscape, depending on the space you have and the level of maintenance you are willing to perform.

Fountains either pre-made or custom built, are usually self-contained units that can be located just about anywhere. They provide a soft flow of water and small amount of noise and can be an artistic focal point in the landscape. These are the easiest types of water features to maintain and the choice of many for that reason.

Bubbling Rocks are water features that are installed with basins and pumps below ground but are made from natural rocks, limestone and basalt columns. The type of material used is only limited to your imagination. Holes are drilled in the stone and water bubbles over the top making a nice amount of noise. These are typically used around the edge of patios, in landscape beds by the front door or anywhere you can sit and listen to the beautiful sound of splashing water.

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Pondless Waterfalls are constantly gaining attention. They provide a larger amount of water movement and higher noise level, but without the maintenance a pond will require. Streams of varying length can be built into these features adding to the functionality.

Ponds of nearly any size can be built for the most avid of water gardeners and usually have at least one waterfall and stream. They are usually designed as complete ecosystems with the ability to support plant life and often koi or other fish as well. While properly designed and built ponds can be largely self-sufficient, periodic maintenance is always needed and should be considered before choosing this type of water feature.

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We provide a variety of water feature construction and maintenance services to help transform your landscape. We go above and beyond to create beautiful bubbling rocks, pondless waterfalls and custom ponds. Our ultimate goal is to create a backyard paradise for you by listening and adding our personal touches. We consistently aim to exceed the expectations of every single customer. Executive Outdoor Living is the leading water feature installer in Omaha, NE and surrounding areas servicing the entire Metro area.