Executive Outdoor Living offers a complete line of tree and shrub care. Our programs offer deep root fertilization in spring and fall. We use the highest quality products to promote healthy, vigorous trees and shrubs. We inject the fertilizer right into the feeder root zones for maximum nutrient uptake and the most benefit for the plant material. We will also spray your trees and shrubs for insect and disease protection throughout the growing season. Our sprays can protect your investments from such pests as Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, Mites and a whole host of other damaging pests. Our custom programs will also protect your trees and shrubs from several diseases known in our area such as Apple scab on Crabapples and Needle Blight on pine trees. We offer the right products at the right time to keep all your trees and shrubs looking their best. Executive Outdoor living offers free estimates and analysis of trees and plants on your property and then we will recommend a custom program based on your needs. We also offer a complete line of tree trunk injection products and services for Emerald Ash borer and other insects and diseases as well as micro nutrients for yellow Oaks, Birch and Maple trees. Also, for the health and beauty of your landscape, we trim and shape shrubs and contour prune trees.