Providing Quality Snow & Ice Management

Executive Outdoor Living, LLC is a locally owned and operated company offering complete snow removal and ice management services in the greater Omaha, NE area. We are proud to provide quality snow and ice management to the entire Omaha area including Council Bluffs, Iowa.

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As a member of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA), our professional contracting operation provides commercial snow and ice removal management services to many well-known commercial property owners, corporate office buildings, retail shopping centers, industrial properties, hospitals, health care facilities, banks, data centers and retail stores throughout the greater Omaha area. We take pride in knowing our SIMA trained staff ensures the numerous commercial establishments we service are clear of snow and ice. By making the icy streets, treacherous parking lots and slippery sidewalks safer for your business, you can continue working on your business needs knowing you chose the top snow removal service company in Omaha, Nebraska.

At Executive Outdoor Living LLC we provide the highest level of safety, quality and reliability with the greatest attention to detail on every job! We are committed to getting the job done right with the thought of always building long term relationships through unparalleled service. Our customers feel that our Snow and Ice Management services are the best in the area. Please feel free to review our testimonials page and hear what they have to say about our snow removal services, quality customer care and ability to get it right in any type of weather.

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Why Contract with Executive Outdoor Living for Snow Removal?

  • How Well were your snow removal services handled last winter season?
  • How Often did you have to contact your deicing and snow plowing team for issues with service?
  • Did your contractor have plenty of deicing materials, professional snow removal equipment, and knowledgeable snow removal experts during the entire season?
  • Did you receive accurate and timely invoices only days after the snow or ice event occurred?
  • Were your snowy, ice properties clean and safe for your customers and employees after each weather event?

If you contract with Executive Outdoor Living, LLC for snow removal services you will be rewarded with the below services:

  • All Crews are members of SIMA containing SIMA trained Certified Snow Professionals.
  • We will communicate with you before, during, and after each weather event.
  • We have our own on-site salt storage facilities with over 1000 ton capacity. We have never run out of salt or deicing materials!!
  • We have professional staff & snow removal systems in place to process accurate & timely invoices just days after Omaha, NE weather hits.
  • Your properties will be clean & safer in a timely manner to ensure the safety of your tenants, employees and customers.
  • You won’t need to call us - we’ll take care of your property as if it were our own!