Get it shape!

Pruning of Trees and Shrubs

Executive Outdoor Living has been pruning trees and shaping shrubs for over 30 years. Proper pruning is essential in developing a tree with a strong structure and desirable shape and form. Trees that receive the appropriate pruning measures while they are young will require little corrective pruning as they mature. At Executive Outdoor Living we have the technical knowledge and training to make your trees grow correctly by making skilled pruning cuts. Our professional trimming crew will help your trees withstand wind storms and beautify your trees for years to come. Executive Outdoor Living has an arborist on staff and Nebraska certified tree trimmers to identify tree problems or concerns that may exist with all plant material on your property. Tree pruning is a skill and we have the staff, equipment and knowledge to meet all of your trimming expectations. If the job is large or small, we do them all. At Executive Outdoor Living we also specialize in storm cleanup and stump grinding.

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