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Look Your Best!

As a responsible property owner you will want to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs whether they have just been installed or they have been growing on your property for 10 years. Fresh mulch not only makes your property look it’s best—it also supports the health of your landscape by improving the soil’s ability to retain moisture and acting as a barrier to control weeds. We spread an even application of double-ground dyed mulch each spring. In addition, we provide trenching of plant bed lines and tree rings to contain the mulch at a depth of two (2) inches.

Mulch 01
Mulch 02
Mulch 03
Mulch 04

There are many reasons for applying a new base of mulch every spring in addition to those mentioned above. The natural, fresh, dark color creates contrast, which enhances the overall perception of the landscape’s greenery. Mulch will be spread so that none of the previously laid mulch is visible. All work areas will then be blown clean and left in an orderly condition. Mulching your trees and Shrubs is one of the many services we provide. Feel free to call us for an estimate.