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Executive Outdoor Living understands your pride of home and business!

Executive Outdoor Living only installs the highest quality landscape lighting fixtures and materials allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your home’s exterior and landscape after dusk while creating outdoor spaces that are safe and welcoming! You have chosen a house that matches your style in both structure and landscape, now it is time to bring them to light from dusk to dawn.

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Services Include:

Custom Landscape Lighting Design: We consider your needs and vision as we help you design the perfect system for your commercial or residential property.

Quality Landscape Lighting Installation: We take our design and only compliment it with a quality installation. We make sure we build a system that will function for years to come.

Landscape Lighting Service and Repair: Once your system is installed, we will provide reliable maintenance and service as needed. We understand that you need someone to count on for years to come in case you do need regular maintenance or repairs.

Refurbishing Landscape Lighting: Many people have systems that were installed by a contractor and then never touched again. We are experts at repairing and bringing systems back to life. Call us for all your landscape lighting, low voltage lighting and outdoor lighting needs. Great Lighting is our goal!

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What to look for in a landscape lighting installer:

  • Solutions for every application - decks, patios, ponds, landscapes and more
  • A large variety of fixture styles, colors and lighting options
  • A strong warranty on labor and materials
  • Licensed and Insured - ask to see an insurance certificate!
  • Experience - ask for references or to see job sites that they have completed!

Compare the total cost of LED lighting to standard incandescent lighting! Looking at the initial cost is only half the picture. LED lighting use 75% less electricity than standard incandescent lighting, it uses a smaller transformer and can usually be installed in a shorter amount of time! LED lighting bulbs last longer and reduce significant cost in bulb replacement and maintenance.

Ask Us About Our Annual Maintenance Agreement For Your Landscape Lighting!