Save your ash!

The Emerald Ash Borer ( E.A.B.) is an exotic pest of ash trees. It is native to Asia and thought to have arrived in the United States in solid wood packing material. It was first detected in the Detroit Michigan area in July of 2002. Millions of Ash trees have died in the central and northeastern United States. The USDA estimates at the national level, if left unchecked, the Emerald Ash Borer could cause $20-60 billion dollars in damage to ash trees. Just recently E.A.B. has been detected in the Omaha area.

Ash Borer 01
Ash Borer 02
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Executive Outdoor Living has the best known treatment for E.A.B. on the market today. Our Nebraska certified specialist and Arborist will do a free inspection of your property and identify ash trees on your property and inspect for signs of E.A.B. Our method of treatment is unmatched in the industry, we directly inject the insecticide into the tree trunk. Our treatment lasts two years in your tree and the product used has been proven on the east coast for its effectiveness. Executive Outdoor Living always has safety in mind for our customers, this product is safe because its injected right into the tree trunk. Our treatment can be used as a curative if the E.A.B. already is present in the tree or as a preventative to protect your trees before damage occurs. If you think you have ash trees call Executive Outdoor Living for the most effective, safest treatment on today’s market.